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What is H’Evans Berries?

We are a farm located just outside of Cold Lake, AB that offers the community fresh, chemical free produce. Come out and try our u-pick fruit this summer or participate in our CSA baskets and get fresh veggies all season long.

About Sandi


We are situated East of Cold Lake, on land on land that my Great Grandfather homesteaded.

I have always relished in being self sustaining. This passion increased when I started showing my kids where our food came from and increased again when my customers showed interest in where their food comes from…(What? You mean it does not grow in the cellophane wrap it comes in at the grocery store??!) One of my favorite things is watching a customer’s (of all ages) expression change when tasting my product that they swore they didn’t like.

We first opened H’Evans Berries in 1995 as a 5 acre Upick Strawberry Farm. The business has grown, declined, and grown again as my life has changed. I first started my version of a CSA offering a garden for 14 of my friends to share. This experience showed me that there was a demand and we are now offering 50 CSA baskets per season.

We use all natural methods and are proud to provide the safest and cleanest food possible.